Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"no-puke" pills

So within the hectic-ness of moving, the u-haul truck needing to be picked up in a town and hour away, one of the helpers becoming totally rude and saying pretty hurtfull mean things to me ( while others told me to suck it p and not say anything about it because he would never appologise), then neeidng to rent a second truck; the first truck catching on fire on the side of the road being driven by said rude helper, a 5 hour wait for the tow n the side of the road which made him that much more happy i'm sure, arguments with a friend when we got here about the rude helper when hubby found out about things,and who seems fine with leaving things as they are...our 4 year old daughter got sick the day after we got here and has been running a fever and puking every day since. We got to tour the local ER departmetn at the hospital on the saturday after we moved since it has been 5 days of her being unable to keep much of anything down. Unless we timed her liquids to a tablespoon every five minutes she would throw up. Some of it was purley psycological ( spelling?) due to being afraid of throwing up yet again ab causing it to happen by obsessing over it. Yesterday after she threw up when she took a tiniest bite of a hamburger she requested and never even got it past her teeth, I started thinking maybe we needed to psyc her out. so i went to the pharmacy and bought a pack of citrus mentos candy and put it in a bottle, and told her it was no puke pills and they tasted like vitamin c, she just needed to chew the medecine out of them and she would not get sick again,and since she has taken one every 4 hours, she has not gottne sick. The fever is lower but still present , and she is as crabby as a bear, but at least she is keeping down food today. in the meantime we are slowly getting unpacked and sorted from the move from hell.

Friday, July 01, 2005

oh my dog!

hehe, dyslexics everywhere will be confused. tonight while buying room darkening blinds for our new place my 4 year old daughter saw something she thought was "so cool" and said " OH-MY-DOG,that is SOOOOO cool" like a 14 year old LOL. the dog part was funny,made hubby and I laugh. But it make perfect senseand I think given that I don't beleive in a god ( Buddhist) and I was raised catholic and always heard and adopted the phrase "oh my god", i will now start saying "oh my dog" :) Thanks sweetie :)