Monday, June 27, 2005

apparently it makes green

at dinner the other ngiht the resturant agve my daughter three crayone, yellow, blue and red, the primary colors. I explained combined colors and primary colors to my daughter while we were waiting for the waitress and she was impressed, I asked her what color blue and yellow made- she took the crayons and colored yellow on her menu in a small dot then colored over it with blue and looekd at me very seriously and said.." apparently, it makes green" in a " gheeeze mom don't you know this stuff already!"


Giggle, I'm still chuckling at my 4 yo DD's counting of some change she found on the coffee table :) a penny, 2 dimes, a quarter and a loonie ( canadian dollar coin) were sitting there and I asked her how much money it was, she coiunted eac coin very carefully and looked at me and sais, "it's 5 money bucks" very proud of her efforts :)

7 more days

packing sucks, the heat sucks... we've got 7 more days to get this place packed up and get moved to our new home in a new town 2 hours away. I packed up most of the bathroom and kitchen today and yesterday, but most of the food is still in the kitchen. need to pack that up tomorrow, the whole living room is an total didaster and if you could see it you'd see how overwhelming it can all be. Still have some sewing to do , but I guess now I am putting that off until we move. sigh...

Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy daddy day

Today was father's day, We started it off by driving back into the big smoke to exhange a phone we bought, we ahve been playing with them a bit since we got home and the intercom works great, can;t wait to use it for the new place ( oh ya We're moving, didn;t mention it here yet I don't think) gonna have 4 bedrooms and a upstairs so we need the intercom for sure. Went to my first quarter horse races ever with Hubby and the kids for a fathers day treat. then came home and made supper,w as craving onion rings cause we could smell them at the track so did that, gave hubby supper in bed as he laid down for a nap adn the kids gave him the gifts we snuck out to buy while he was napping. ( a compass keychain and a wallet with this picture of the tree of us blow in the previous post, in the pictures spot in the wallet.) After supper drove off to PP for a drive and played in a park, though the DD is grounded we gave her a repreive from it for an hour or so. Drove along somemore and hubby took some nice photos of a steel dragon we saw on a driveway gate. I think it was a nice day, I hope he thought so as well. Happy fathers day to all you dads out there.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Big sister

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Big sister gets to sling baby brother for the first time. he was happy to just hang out and suck on his fingers, cooing. A beautiful moment I'm glad hubby captured.

my boy

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

I have a cool breastfeeding hubby

Image hosted by I was in HomeDepot on Monday looking at weed whackers and lawn mowers with my husband.We need one for the new place we are moving into.
My 4 month old son was getting cranky, obviously hungry. As per the usual, I tried to walk and get him to breast feed but I was using my new mei tai carrier, and I cannot Bf in that darn thing since my DS likes to lay sideways to feed.He doesn't like feeding sitting up facing me,so due to the awkward way my son way laying and his heaviness I had to sit to feed him.
Never one to "cover up", as I am very open about Bfing and I could care less what people think I always just walk along and feed him. This usually means people do not notice us Bfing much as I am just "shopping with a baby in my arms",and I am long gone down the isle before anyone realizes what I am doing.
In the weed whacker department off a beaten path I sat on a garden bench set up for display and happily fed my son as my husband and I discussed the horse power in gas vs rechargeable in electric whackers. I was in a one piece bathing suit due to our current heat wave and so I zippered down the front about an inch and released one breast for my sons meal.
Well, I got my first EVER negative comment from a complete stranger. A woman no less, in her mid 50's If I had to guess being kind. ( probably a formula baby and mother)
I had noticed her walk by me silently 5 minutes prior, and then as she walked back again with the flesh of my d cup right breast exposed, but my son sucking on my nipple so it was completely covered. She said " THAT IS GROSS!" to which I replied, " If you don't like it don't look", at this point my husband realized she was speaking to me,and turned to witness the rest of the interaction. She then, as she continued to walk away with her silent, straight faced husband ( speeding up his pace), said " That is ABSOLYTLEY DISgusting!!", to which I replied, "Oh bite me" in a sarcastic tone. ( not the most intelligent response, but I was momentarily taken aback by her rudeness and her audacity to deliberately walk back past me to say something, rather then find another isle to avoid me.)
Now some of you may not know but my husband is disabled and walks slowly at the best of times and uses a cane. I have never seen him move so fast, he said to me " I'll be right back" and he was off.
This is the part that makes it a great story!!. He FOLLOWED her to the paint department half way across the store and watched her talking to her husband, and walked right up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, and when she turned around startled he said, " I think YOU'RE Pretty disgusting!" and turned around and walked back to us to tell us what he did and kissed his breastfeeding son on the head.
He was very upset and said, " noone is going to tell my wife that feeding my son is disgusting and get away with it" so he figured that perhaps he embarrassed her enough that she'll think twice before she says something to any other Bfing mom again.
Three cheers to my breastfeeding husband ! :)