Monday, August 28, 2006

Harvestin the goods :)

The first "large" harvest from our garden.

Happy Birthday Mom

The summer seems to have just flown by! But it always seems to be the end of sumemr for me after my birthday.. We had lots of fun all July and August so far...with beach days, playing in the backyard on the slide, guided walks in the parks, exploring life and the world around us, we have not had any time to stop and blog much at all.

The kids are getting old enough I have upgraded ( or down graded, I'm not sure?) to being called "Mom" they grow so fast!

My Birthday was on the 13th of August, and the boy fed me cheerios by hand ( and 18 monther's version of breakfast in bed) and Butterfly made me a cake. Her very first, of which she is very proud, as you can see by the smile in the pic below.! I did the gathering of ingredients and she did all the work ( aside from hot oven stuff)
The result was a delicious lemon poppyseed bunt cake with lemon icing, topped off with 32 sprinkles just for me :)

Helper boy got in on the action and licked the beater :)

It was a good birthday :)