Friday, February 08, 2008

hotmeal & jackethouse

kids are the cutest when they are learning english :)

Just a few mentions of the things Bupba has his own names for at three years old

oatmeal is “Hotmeal” housecoat is “jacket house” doctor pepper pop is “doctor office pop” vitamin c is “vitanim seed”

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Forever I’ll be a Mama of Two

Well, after three years of holding off to be sure, talking about it and thinking about it, and then making a final decision, and then waiting on getting an appointment for the procedure, we had decided to make being a mama of two a permanent thing. We decided that I’d get my tubes tied. Hubby has CFS and heals very slowly even from minor cuts and scratches, so we decided it was best that I “get the snip”.

Today was the day….I was up early this AM had to shovel 25 cm of snow out of driveway to be able to get to the hospital :( Got everybody ready and drove to to the city (an hour way)…got to hospital for 12:30…checked in, waited until 2:30… they had a decent private waiting room for people with kids that Hubby and the kids got to use alone for the whole duration of the hospital stay, had loads of toys and videos to watch so they watched a few movies and played…we got a free parking spot right by the front doors so we didn’t want to give it up, so that all worked out well that he didn’t need to take them anywhere to occupy them for 5 hours… got in the OR and was put under at 3pm….did the thing…woke up at 10 after 4… in recovery until 5, the crappy part was it happened during shift change, so hubby was beside himself with worry because no one gave him updates cause I think he got lost in the shuffle and the family room door was closed and “out of sight, out of mind” happened…he was getting nervous after 2 hours of no news.

They took me to the out patient post op admit and recovery area where they were in the family room and before they even went in to get him from the family room, he knew I was there and came out (energy is an amazing thing and we’ve always had that sense about each other’s presence)…

The kids were happy to see me! :) Bupba yelled “Mommy you home!!!” all excited, to which I replied.. “Yes I am bud, cause I’m here with you guys!” The nurses thought that was sweet LOL…got my vitals checked and the kids got stickers for being so good :)

Then I got up almost right away and dressed asap ( going slow), Anjohli wheeled me to front door of hospital LOL… then we went to Swiss Chalet for supper on gift cards from family (went there ’cause they have soup)…felt fine no sick feeling from the anesthesia or anything or shoulder pain so far… just been peeing like crazy from the IV fluids.

I was STARVING by 5 with no food since midnight the night before!….had the soup and half a sandwich and is was good!

I feel ok when I’m sitting or lying still, hurts a bit when pain meds wear off…stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up pain meds, thought I would walk slow and be ok, but thought better of that after a few minutes in the door and the pharmacy being at the opposite end of the store…so I got a powered cart to sit on… so with that felt good enough while sitting to pick up a few other things we needed and had been going without (stayed for about 45 minutes.. a short visit for us to a Wal-Mart…got out of Wal-Mart to meet the weather really coming in…second band of the storm started when we were eating dinner…

Hubby drove home in the heart of the storm, could hardly see in front of the van all the way, but no one else was on the road either, so that was good. He’s a good driver, was a taxi driver at one point in his life and has driven in every kind of weather going. But still, I was very alert while he was driving worried about his pain and exhaustion level, so I couldn’t rest in the car much. He doesn’t drive ever.. that’s the first time he’s driven that distance in like 4 years due to the extreme cramps he gets in his arms and legs and ribs from holding himself in that driving position for too long.

We got home at about 10:30 pm, from needing to drive slow… and we missed the ferry by 3 seconds and had to wait a half hour for the next one to get back onto the island that is the county… I coached the kids to put themselves to bed (WOOHOO) and laid down from 11 to now…hubby changed my dressings, and now I’m down stairs thawing soup for him cause he’s just exhausted.

Will be going back to bed as soon as the soup is finished…I feel ok…just slow response time from the anesthesia still. Going slow from sore stomach muscles and taking just Tylenol and or ibuprofen for pain as needed.

The Hospital seems like a great hospital…one of Canada’s top teaching hospitals. I told them that I was most nervous about the moments of going under the general…everyone was great… bedside manner was outstanding. The team all introduced themselves prior to going in the OR, and even the doctors used first names, not ” Hi I’m doctor so and so…” it was ” Hi I’m Peter…I’m the OBGYN we met a few weeks ago…good to see you again…” and ” hi I’m Joan, I’m your anesthesiologist…” they were all comforting and kind, they obliged answering my silly questions about them feeling on their game and had all had a decent lunch and good sleep the night before etc :) they were aware of my general anxiety issues…and the male nurse was great , he was from Cape Breton and when he asked me to visualize my vacation I wanted to go off to I picked to go visit Cape Breton, and he was really cool telling me to visualize CB on the map, and then to see the Cabot Trail, and that when I got there he’d meet me at the Red Shoe pub for a pint LOL… he did this while I was breathing in the mask to go to sleep, I felt the coolness of the anesthesia go in my IV in my hand and tasted it a bit in my mouth (kinda weird… I can still taste it a bit) and closed my eyes listening to him tell me this stuff, so he took away all my anxiety with his visualizations guidance, and I just let it come over me, and the next thing I new I was awake in the recovery.

Bupba thinks my belly button has a booboo and needed to be “sixed by de doctor office.”

I’m resting for the next few days for sure.. and I don’t care about the 40 cm (literally, it’s drifting) of snow in my driveway right now, I’m not going anywhere for a while. It can stay there. Or perhaps the wind will stay around after the snow stops falling and it will drift right back out.. one can always hope :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

clock in the mornin’

Bupba is 3 now…and he just make my heart swell with his cute little sayings and actions.

yesterday for no reason , he came into the kitchen to tell me he loved me , then went bouncing right back out as quickly as he came in.

But the cutest thing he does these days, is how he says what time it is in the morning :)

he woke up this morning, and he sat up in bed and looked at me, asking why I was in his room.. I told him we had to go into the city today.. he looked at the window, and said ” oh, it’s ‘clock in the mornin’ me can get up now?

he’s just too darn cute :)