Monday, January 10, 2005

Quote of the Day

This quote is from our 4-year-old, who made this statement out of the blue while getting her bathing suit on: 
"If I had shampoo on my bum, I would fart bubbles." 
I have no idea where she got it, she just pulled it out of nowhere. 
My kid is weird.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

35 Weeks Tomorrow

I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow, so I am officially longer pregnant now than I was with my daughter. Woohooo...(I think) LOL 
I've been moving slower and slower these days, to the point that hubby is actually walking faster then me now, and I am begging him to walk slower. That is saying something cause it is usually him begging me to slow down now that he walks with a cain and has a lot of back and leg spasms. 
My back needs a sign that says slow moving wide load :) I'm hoping that after the baby comes my level of energy will start to rise back up. 
I have CONSTANT heart burn, even from mild stuff, I'm peeing without relief every 5 minutes. My lower pelvis pain is constant and I am feeling like this baby won't be inside for much longer. I have small bouts of contractions (that are not progressive) daily almost now it seems - and I am not going too far these days cause all my shoes won't go on my feet LOL (too swollen & fat from weight gain) not that I can see them to put them on anyway. 
We finally decided on another girls name should this baby be a girl... But we are not sharing it with anyone until afterwards. I'm not sure what it is, but I dreamt about the baby talking to me and it was a girl (or a very feminine spirit anyway). 
My breasts are much more tender again and some shooting hot pangs through the ducts, and I have milk already so it is not long now I suppose. 
Not much else going on here, my hands are in so much pain from pregnancy induced tendonitis and my right hand's carpal tunnel that it takes me forever to type.the physical pain in my right hand is so bad it keeps me awake at night and nearly in tears. The tendonitis is aggravating the carpal tunnel to the point now that I cannot feel most of my hand at all from the tingly numbness pain and I cannot hold a fork, cut a sandwich or brush my teeth with it. I have broken more then my share of glasses the last few months. 
I love being pregnant because I am creating life, but it seems that the pregnancy symptoms I get to "enjoy" are much worse than most people's (or am I just thinking that?)... from early fatigue and morning sickness to this... 
We are taking out our daughter's old baby stuff soon to get ready for this little one, and setting up the pool to be ready for the birth. We are doing a belly mask as well this week. The fun parts of pregnancy! :)

Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Poop Parade

Have you ever been to a poop parade? No?!? Oh my, you don't know what your missing.  
My daughter is the grand marshall of the poop parade.  
At 4 years old she cannot master the "wiping off the poo" thing.  
Some days it is fine, she'll jot off to the bathroom and call me when she's done to wipe the poo. But some days, she is more full of it than usual and she decides to have a poop parade, where she won't go to the bathroom and decide to try and keep the poo in (!!!) - only to find out it comes out anyway. On the floor. Or on her hand. Or she'll have small rabbit turd poops 12 times in 3 hours.  
I'm going to buy stock with cottonelle, I swear!  
You cannot decide not to attend the poop parade, your presence is required.  
I find myself this evening telling my daughter. "You poo in the toilet, you don't catch the poo and drop it in the toilet! Do you understand!?"  
In the moment, I find this irritating as I have to wipe her clean and get her to wash herself AGAIN. But, I can tell my husband finds this a funny conversation as I hear him giggling from the living room.  
I guess when you're 4 and your life experience is pretty limited you REALLY DON'T KNOW that you CANNOT poo in your hand and catch it ( you say that fast enough it sounds like catsh*t), and then dump it in the toilet. Well, you can. It just isn't really DONE unless you are into some kinky poo. 
Whoever said when you become a parent your life revolves around poo, was not kidding!!!  
Just as I am hoping to have a child who can begin to wipe her own poo, I am about to give birth to another who will need me to change the poopy diaper, and potty train.  
I'll be wiping the poo for another 4 years... or more.