Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Last Nursing

Well....Bupba is weaned...Not by his choice, but by mine. He is doing pretty good with it, he only has asked a couple of times and I have just offered hugs and kisses and cups of milk or juice. I decided with my doctor to wean him so I can start a new medication to help with my ADHD. Over 2 years of scatterbrained days is quite enough for ALL of our sanilty's sake.
We had our final nursing session the other day on the couch. It was nice, a peaceful moment between us as every one else was still sleeping. I grabbed the camera and took some photos of us with our last nursing to have them to remember our wonderful 20 months of breastfeeding.
Just wanted to share it here. I'm still feeling sad that we ended it now, but I'm feeling sastified with our 20 month run, and that we both ended it on a positive note. He is such a sweet child.
This is my favorite picture of the photos I took.