Sunday, February 06, 2005

Photos of the Day

Yeah. More. Doesn't it bug you when people have new babies?
Auntie and Uncle come for a visit and bring presents, too! Big Sister finds out she will have to wait to babysit until she is 12. Dozey Toesies Boy meets Bird. Boy loses bird. Bird goes back in cage for poopin' on Mommy. Hey Dad, Cool Camera! Hi Mommy, can I make faces with you? Mama kisses, pucker up!


Anonymous said...

Your son is stunningly gorgeous (as is your daughter!) and I found the pictures of the waterbirth very very interesting. How amazing that your husband was not just 'there' for the birth, but he was so actively involved.

BTW - This is Sarah from the EC list, but I don't have a blog so I couldn't sign a name.

Anonymous said...

Great job daddy! With the blog, the pics, and oh yeah the events leading up to
them! I had CFS for over 3 years, so I REALLY know what it took for you to go
thru the looooong birthing process with Ril. Bravo, dad!

Barb & Corinna Rose (from the EC list Ril's on)