Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy daddy day

Today was father's day, We started it off by driving back into the big smoke to exhange a phone we bought, we ahve been playing with them a bit since we got home and the intercom works great, can;t wait to use it for the new place ( oh ya We're moving, didn;t mention it here yet I don't think) gonna have 4 bedrooms and a upstairs so we need the intercom for sure. Went to my first quarter horse races ever with Hubby and the kids for a fathers day treat. then came home and made supper,w as craving onion rings cause we could smell them at the track so did that, gave hubby supper in bed as he laid down for a nap adn the kids gave him the gifts we snuck out to buy while he was napping. ( a compass keychain and a wallet with this picture of the tree of us blow in the previous post, in the pictures spot in the wallet.) After supper drove off to PP for a drive and played in a park, though the DD is grounded we gave her a repreive from it for an hour or so. Drove along somemore and hubby took some nice photos of a steel dragon we saw on a driveway gate. I think it was a nice day, I hope he thought so as well. Happy fathers day to all you dads out there.

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