Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fun Stuff

By PolarBear

We’ve been doing a lot of work making a garden, including one for the kids. Using the “Square Foot Garden” technique there is a 3×3 foot section of garden especially for them, growing cherry tomatoes, little cucumbers and all sorts of stuff.

The Kid Garden_June2 It has been a lot of work but is educational for everyone… this is an all new technique, but it has been very exhausting since I can only put in an hour or two a day so it has taken what seems like forever.

Now, because we’ve been working on the garden something else got neglected - the front porch. It didn’t get any attention so some stuff just sat there, including a box with some pieces of rag and the silly girl’s purse.

Tonight, MamaRil finally started tidying it up since the garden is almost “done” (it will never be “done”, but almost all set up). When she picked up the box with the purse she heard noises inside… and buzzing. She got a little nervous, worried it was wasps and dumped it out on the front lawn.

It wasn’t wasps - it was a nest of bumble bees! Just a tiny little nest with a little queen and a whole bunch of the tiniest bumble bees you could ever see. Well, all I knew about bumble bees is that they don’t make honey and they pollinate EVERYTHING. So I checked things out online (the internet is great!) and we all learned a lot.

Tomorrow, we are building a new home for our bumble bees (hopefully they will stay around). We’ll put it in the back yard near the garden and hopefully they’ll help pollinate all our plants. Cross your fingers that the bees stay!

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