Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let's bridge the gap between parents of kids Diagnosed with Austism Spectrum

In recent years parents of Autistic children have been divided into two categories. Being told their child's vaccinations didn't cause their autistic traits, or parents of children with Autism from birth being made to feel like choosing to vaccinate ( or other parental choices) caused their child's Autism.

It is time to knock down the wall and stand together, rid of the guilt one way or the other and band together.

My daughter has been diagnosed with PDD NOS, the general blanket term for a child who has autistic traits co-morbid with other combined traits like oppositional defiance, sensory integration, auditory processing etc.

She's been that way since birth. In fact it runs deep in the family DNA, so I am well assured that any delayed and selective vaccination we did with her did not make her the way she is.

However, I do not agree with recent scientific studies and claims from the medical society saying that vaccines are not causing health issues for some children that are being labelled as Autism.

I don't disagree that families are seeing a correlation between the vaccinations and other environmentally caused health issues presenting them selves as a neurological issue that can be categorized under Autism Spectrim Disorder. It is something that I've been saying for years.

The problem is that when it walks and talks like a duck we assume that it is "just a duck", but we fail to see that there is more then one kind of duck in the world.

It seems at this point in scientific study, the medical establishment is unable to call what children affected by vaccines and other environmental issues like food allergies what it really is. The families of kids with acquired autism are being told they are wrong, when the correlation is as real as you or I.

I believe that we do not know a lot about the brain yet, and it's mechanics, and therefore nothing can be counted out...I believe that yes...environmental things like toxins, and things in vaccines could cause issues that present like textbook autism.. we just don't have a name for it yet, so these kids are being labeled as Autistic.

When the parents start to change diets, and stimuli and detoxify they child's system, and there is improvement, it looks negatively on us parents with a child who have ASD from birth due to wiring. ( some days I swear If one more person tells me my kid needs to stop drinking milk and she won't be like she is I'll smother them with a cow!)

No one wins when we are not open as a society at looking at both sides of this autism coin. We are doing these children and families of these acquired autism cases a disservice by not looking at it and accepting it as a legitimate issue.

We are doing the families with children who have had ASD from birth a disservice by fighting about the "cause " of autism, and making them think they did something "wrong" in choosing to vaccinate or drink milk , or eat hot dogs, or lick the batter from a cake batter ( or whatever someone thinks is the reasons tomorrow) while we waste time trying to find a "cure" and ease our parental guilt rather then learn to adapt and cope, and live better WITH autism.

I'm not for nor against vaccinating for the record... it is a personal choice that each family must make on their own.... as a parenting team my husband and I could not agree on vaccinations so we met in the middle with the decision to selectively delay vaccinations administered individually.

It is my belief that any child who presents with symptoms or traits of autism should be tested for toxins in the system... and tried on an elimination diet etc., and if that doesn't work, it can be assumed that they were autistic from birth and should be given the diagnosis of ASD GIN ( Autism Spectrum Disorder, Genetic In Nature) , and if they respond to detoxifying the system, or diet eliminations process, they should be given the label AASD EIN (Acquired Autism Spectrum Disorder-Environmental In Nature)

Which ever form of ASD you child has, however it happened, whenever it was notice, the children are showing signs of developmental delays and have extra needs that need to be addressed. We need to stop fighting about how it happened, it just did. We need to band together without guilt and blame, and work together to give the children the best lives we can. Be it, through learning to accept and cope with lifelong autism, or while going through reversing AASD EIN.

It's time to recognize both, and it's time to stop fighting with each other.


Knit Purl Gurl said...

Our son does do better on a GFCF diet, but his Asperger's Syndrome does not disappear when he is following the diet. I do not subscribe to the vaccination theory in-so-much as to say that vaccines alone caused the children's autism. I DO believe that children with autism spectrum disorders are genetically predisposed and it takes an environmental factor to spark these traits. It could be vaccines, illness, allergies... But I do whole-heartedly believe that ASD kiddos all have a genetic component. Of course, we do not know much at all about autism. We are all trying to make sense of these disorders and trying to find solutions. Until we know more, all we can do is follow out instincts as moms and do what we feel best for our kids. Hugs!

HIRH said...

Hi! I'm so glad to see a parent thinking critically and rationally about this. All ASD's are different and vary across a HUGE spectrum of abilities and delays.

There are MANY contributing factors. I wrote a lengthy paper on the subject for my graduate school neuro-physio-psych class.

Things I know.
1. Rett's syndroms occurs in girls and the delays only occur after age 5, where they lose gained abilities.
2. GFCF diets do work for some but not others.
3. Chelation works for some but not others.
4. Adding additional vitamins/nutrients via intramuscular shots help some children but not others.
5. While the gov't has ademantly denied the thimerasol had anything to do with autism, they have removed it from all vaccines except the flu shot.
6. I know that mercury is not healthy in any dose.
7. Kids with muscular dystrophy have a 30%chance of developing autism compared to 1% of the general population.

I have a few theories of my own. One is that it's epi-genetic, which is why the huge increase now... possibly stemming from something veterans of a war were exposed to? or perhaps the vaccines given to our parents, grandparents...etc.

As for vaccines. They didn't CAUSE the autism... but they may have "turned on" an epigenetic key.