Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Ramblings

After a few days of EXTREME pain in my hips and back from what I can only imagine had to be from shovelling the INSANE amount of snowfall in such a short period of time. I'm finally feeling a bit better. I've been trying to do some Wii fit Yoga moves.

The pain was so bad I cried and could barley think straight. The crappy part was it was our solstice day holiday that I woke up feeling this way and was unable to move. It got worse throughout the day, and hubby just kept giving me pain meds, and trying to rub it was as bad or worse then when I was in back labor with both of the kids, and when my pelvis went out of alignment at my son's birth and took weeks to snap back into place.

I was lucky in that I happen to live in a place where neighbors are nice and my 70 year old neighbor with a snowblower cleared out the bottom of my driveway! yes he's 70, but the man was out at the other neighbors last week shlepping a lazy boy chair over his back into the back of their car!!! I hope I have that kind of energy when I'm his age.

At any rate even with a lot of pain, dinner was nice, and hubby and DD8 did sbaking while I made a turkey dinner... yes I know I just posted that our Solstice dinner is roast beef... but this year we opted to switch it around and do our solstice menu on New years day...mainlt because DD wanted to, and we didn't have much objection.

Thinking I was doing a good thing, I started a turkey soup in my new crock pot that Hubby bought me last week ( complete with auto shut off etc for my ADHD brain!!) and i guess my old crock pot was lacking in ability somehow, because what would have been nice soup in my old crockpot, was mush in my new crock pot!! What a waste, but a good lesson and I'm glad it was with leftovers and not wit fresh ingredients for stew or something!!

Monday i had an appointment in the City fo my ADHD.. a while back I had some health issues that scared me and my Doctor was nervous about me staying on a stimulant medication for my ADHD and lowered my Ritalin dose significantly to the point of rendering me pretty much a bumbling idiot, and I went and saw a heart specialist to have my heart checked.. I got the all clear from him, and I'm as fit as a fiddle he informs me, so all is a go for Stimulant meds for the ADHD. We are trying Concerta for the first time and hoping the all day slow release effect will help a lot. So I got the script, and met back up with DH and the kids at the Mall after my appointment. We browsed as we were finished our minimal shopping for the holidays weeks ago.. there is something interesting in watching others around you panic shop on the 22nd of neat lesson in human nature.

We picked up Rock Band 2, a gift for the whole family we've been saivng for since we knew it was coming out...Hubby was so excited it wasn't even funny... we tried to buy Wii points for buying new songs but not ONE Walmat in a 100 klm radius of us had them...( we drove to every one of them!!!so I suggested we check the Zellers, and there they were...why doesn't anyone shop at Zellers anymore???? So that excursion got us home with two sleeping kiddlets and a van full of groceries to put away at like 3 am!!! What a brain was fried.. I can't drive with no ADHD medication...i get bored real fast mentally, and need to either speed, which hubby won't let me do, or I get drowsy while driving...I ate baby carrots to keep myself awake...and took 3 caffeine pills...I ate a LOT of baby carrots, and I paid the price for that much fiber today!!

Needless to say I didn't get to bed until 5 am!! and the DS3yo had me awake at 8!! Yikes..then someone called at 8:5o0, when I HAD JUST got DS to snuggle with me.. I got up and started my day.

Today I Cleaned the KItchen more, made great turkey leftover stuffed potatos and then made pheffernuse cookies for the first time and they turned out pretty good too!!! Hubby LOVES pheffernuse, so I thought I'd try a recipe from an online friend out west, and they were really good :) i think they are a keeper and an addition to our holiday.

Tomorrow I have to fill my RX, and grab some ginger for the ginger bread house dough...and we have a winter storm watch pending right now...with freezing rain warnings, so I might not be going any where, but I'm anxious to try the Concerta and see if it helps anymore then the Ritalin did.... it had such a short lifespan in my system the doctor thought the Slow release of COncerta would be better. The problem is I've got a compassion prescript form the company to try it, and it is a drug not covered by my drug plan!! so if it works I'll be fighting to have it covered...and my Dr warns it is a HARD process. :(

Hubby is playing RB2, and I'm exhausted.... so I'm signing off and going to bed.. tomorrow I am making a meat pie as pat of our traditional Christmas eve Meal...Hope you are enjoying your holiday too.. all my followers.. all....3 of you... LOL

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The Four Week Vegan said...

I sure hope you feel better soon. What an awesome neighbor you have! Happy Holidays!