Sunday, May 03, 2009

Too busy for words! Literally

Well just cause it's getting warmer doesn't mean  I get to slow down LOL... the gathering of wood still continues for next winter, to be ahead of the game.but it is nice that we have not had to have fires going constantly for over a week or so now. I think I light one 2 days ago, just to take off the dampness from a MAJOR rain storm. We've been collecting wood here and there, but we need to work on the trailer to get it fixed. we came home from the city today feeling own because we had no way to gather all the huge pile of pallet wood from the back of the home depot store, because the van was full of groceries, freecycle and garage sale finds.I'm hoping we can make it a priority to get the trailer fixed in the next two weeks, before our next trip back there.

I'm happy that today we found a hospital table for the bed for hubby when he's to tired and sick to get out of bed, for only $10. The secret to deals at a yard sale, is be nice, and chatty, go late, with small cash, offer them a price that is about 40 percent off of what they wanted for it, or gather a bunch of stuff and say. will you take ... and they usualy are happy to not have to drag it back into the house again. we also got 4 stools for the house and workshop for sitting at workbenches or the kitchen counter for Dh when he wants to help, for only 5 bucks.

The weather has been very spring, and I think i need to bring out the lawn mower tomorrow and cut the grass for the first time, it is getting LONG!

As well we are cleaning the yard, clearning off the fence of dad grape vine ( and making vine wreaths out of it to sell), getting the workshop orgnized, planning the garden to grow vegetables so we can have fresh free food all summer, and can for the winter. this year we are taking on eight 4 by 4 foot square foot gardens section, and having two foot walking paths between them. we hope to over time make it a nice walkway with pebbly stone, but that will require many family fun trips to the beach LOL, and bringin home a few pails at a time :)

We are also gathering sticks, and wood for a waddle fence alone the side of the house, and bricks and stone for fix the front retaining wall for the flower beds, as well as gathering materials for some other garden projects, including windows for a greenhouse off the back of the workshop.

I've been also looking into a passive solar heating panel system we can build to heat the workshop through the winter from the sun. we are plannning to gathering he supplies needed. testing the plan, and if it works, adapting it to work on the workshop as well as the house.

Also after finding a fixed $100 a month for hydro before I even turn on a light switch we are working on ways to suppliment our hydro with wind, since it is WINDY here, so windy in fact the province is trying to get wind power stations put here in our area and he old farts all with one foot in the grave are all complaining about it. " it will lower our propery value, and is bad for your health ..waa waaa"

Anywya... it's a busy crazy season right now.. all while I brain storm and work to see if I can find a way to make some extra money to help pay some bills.we are barley scraping by, and property taxes are coming up again in June.

like I said.. too busy for words.

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Too Many Hats said...

Glad you had a moment to post. Sounds like you found some great deals at the yard sales. Your garden plans sound glorious.