Sunday, September 18, 2005

Terry Fox Run

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After watching the Terry Fox Movie on tv last week I decided that after 15 years since the last time I participated I would enter the run and get some pledges for Cancer research. IT was a wonderful thing to do, and it made me feel good to do it. As we sang "Oh Canada" at the opening ceremony, I looked at the banner ( in the picture above) of Terry Fox and thought about how young he was and the courage he had and how he fought hard to run acoss canada. I thought about my aunt who had her breast removed from cancer last year, and is fighting and beating it, and I thought about my sister in laws mother who passed away suddenly from cancer just two months ago. My eyes welled up and I choked up and could not sing the whole anthem. Cancer touches everyone, whether you know someone with it fighting it, or who has lost thier lives to it, we all know someone. 1 out or 4 canadians will develop cancer, and that could be you or me someday. If you have not given to the Terry Fox run by donation or by running , you can make a donation online at the link above in the title " Terry Fox Run". I raised $19.00 today in my run and short time getting pledges,not much but as Terry once said, "Every penny counts." The run location I was in today raised $31,000 this year, and raised over $220,000 in the 24 years thay have had it here.
Next year I'll get more donations and run again. The Organization worked hard to keep administrations costs low via volunteers where ever possible, to ensure 87 cents of every dollar goes right to research. ( unlike other charity organizations who gough the donations and pay thier staff $200,000 plus a year.) To read more about Terry Fox and his dream and his fight with cancer you can go here

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