Thursday, August 25, 2005

Day in the life of an unschooler

Image hosted by Look at that ask me why I unschool...go ahead ask me.
This picture says it all, no need to really say more, but I will.
The day before yesterday we went for a nature walk, to get out of the house, for fun and for an unschooling feild trip.
On our nature walk we discussed lady bugs,life cycles, the food chain, stick bugs ( which we are making a new home for here at home in a terrurium), looked at different plants too samples home to study more, explained what poison vs "eatable" means, explained how to study a plant to tell the difference...picked some sumack berries to take home to make a sumackaid with, walked along the shores of the lake,looked at the sky, discussed the clouds, picked rocks, took pictures of a butterfly, saw a deer, the list goes on...
Are you still asking me why I unschool? No kid will EVER experience all the lessons we did in our 4 hour walk, stuck in a classroom of a stuffy school inhaling dust from a book that laid on a shelf all summer, asking for permission to go to the bathroom, and being told to be quiet so as not to disturb the others.
Don't ask me why we unschool... THIS is why we unschool! this is my daughter's classroom :)

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Vicki said...

LOVE the boots and the umbrella. :) Unschoolers are so creative and imaginative! What lucky kids to have you for a mom. :) Happy unschooling! Vicki