Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ADD strikes again :P

So very often with ADD, I think to do something and then so many things between when I thought of it and when I get it done distract me, that it is lucky that I get it done even at all!

here's a silly event that happaned last night.. I'm cutting and pasting from my facebook status wall and comments to show...my poor hubby really does have a good sense of humor about it all thank goodness :)

and because some people asked me I thought I'd clarify that No, in fact I do not mind that he calls me ADDGirl :)

My Status:
Ril never remembers to have a cup of tea.. but I just saw Rose Marie is having one, so I'm gonna go make a cup. 11:29pm
 Carolyn at 11:11am March 10
ACK! I can't live without tea, lol. Hope you enjoyed it!

  at 1:19pm March 10 
Lol took me 5 hours to make it-then forgot it while changing the sheets& it was only luke warm by the time i remembered it again-half the cup is cold on my bedside table-lol-i'll try again today!
 Dear Hubby at 2:29pm March 10

Her:Do you want a cup of tea, dear?
Me: Umm, sure. Yeah, I guess, that sounds good.
Her - disappears into kitchen.

Her: So,do you want Earl Grey or this Peach stuff?
Me: WTF?
 MamRil  at 2:48pm March 10
LOL ADDgirl strikes again :P

Now I'm gonna post this and go to make a cup of tea....lets see how long it takes me to get it today :)

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