Friday, March 13, 2009

RedNeck SwingSet

who needs a $400 wooden swing set from Toys R US!! ( well I wouldn;t turn it down if someone offered it to us, but... when you can't afford it, you do what you have to...)

$1 worth of rope hanging around the workshop, two pieces of two by four for free from wood pallets we acquired, a couple holes drilled in the wood to string the rope through.. tied to the sturdy pre existing structure on the side of the work shop=happy kids.

the kids played outside for about 3 hours today.. they came in with their faces all rosey red :)

It's nice to have a back yard, but I'm still a little worried about 4 yo son being out there, as he follows his big sister around the house and our sidewalk is close to the road.. which you would think on a back country road, should not be an issue, but some local idiots lie to drive by the house doing about 40 over the limit :( think I might get some nails for the road and have my tea on the front step and wait for them to turn the corner! we need to get the fence built. in the sections that are not done.

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The Four Week Vegan said...

Great job! I am sure the kids love it.