Friday, April 10, 2009

Someone else's trash...

With the warmer weather coming finally I am able to be in the workshop, that is minimally heated, and start setting it up for the purposes we have intended.

Over the last few days I've moved the stuff in the corner intended for the craft & sewing area, and started putting in the large furniture. But today my 8 year old daughter and I went out and got the majority of it done. Now over the next little while, we'll be sorting the boxes and boxes of materials, setting up the painting and drawing areas for the kids, filing the papers we have of magazine articles of craft ideas, "junk-booking" materials, and organizing the decoupage-jewelry making, and other assorted areas for all the different things we like to do & try.

we measured the space we decided to allot, and will eventually build walls around & the craft sewing area takes up the equivalent of a 10 by 14 room at the moment, with the plans to build UP, and make a lofty area above for storage and other crafts that could be done up there.

the amazing thing I realized moving it all around and such, is that every piece of furniture in the area is either a junk pile find, a hand me down from friends and neighbors, a side road "free take me" find, or a freecycle item.

The filing cabinet is from my old high school's Science Lab my dad got me when they were tearing it down to build the new school back in 1998ish & I'm building organization filing shelves for the kids crafting with papers etc to the left you can't see in the picture right now with ketchup boxes from the local grocery stores, MEGA bargain good for that.

I'll take better pics late when it is all done. the paintings were here when we moved. we stuck them on nails that were already in the

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The Four Week Vegan said...

That area is going to be so great when you are done!!! Good luck with all the organizing.