Sunday, August 14, 2005

oh me, oh my, I'm glad we took the excursion around the bay

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a great birthday!! We went to an outdoor concert at a festival of a town about 45 minutes from our place, right on the St Lawrence River ( Famous Canadian River). We went to see Great Big Sea, not sure if anyone is familiar with their music, but they are one of my MOST favorite bands. They are from East Coast Canada ( NFLD) and sing lots of great original stuff and traditional scottish/folk songs as well, songs that I grew up with, listening to at kitchen parties every weekend. They are a great live band. I had seen them in concert before But Hubby had not and when we saw they were going to be playing on my birthday we made sure to get tickets to go.
The kids were free as it was a festival concert outdoors, so that was great too. Ap parenting can sometimes mean we don't get to do lots of things we'd like since we rather take the kids with us than have them sat. The kids had a great day as well. We went for the day, saw a train show and road a mini real coal fired steam engine train ride :)
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then had a BBQ in the park with our little habatchi, and then went and got settled for the concert. Hubby had a great time and the KIDS SLEPT through the whole thing practically. That was great because I got to stand and dance through the whole hour concert! Everyone was boogying. I got a work out let me tell ya... my arms are sore today from so much clapping and my legs are hurting from the dancing in spot to the great music.
They are so great you cannot help but clap hand snap finger, jump up and down and just lose yourself in the moment!
Hubby could not dance because he is too sore from his disability most of the time, but he sang right along with me and clapped his hand when he was not busy taking 150 pictures of the band doing their thing :) greta pics too, may post one eventually.
Then we drove home late in the night just talking while both kids slept some more :)Save for a bfing stop weake. The drive to our new home was so quiet and nice, on the back country roads, no busy highways and other cars to contend with, just the moon and stars and us on a windy country road :) we even have to go on a ferry ride to get to our new home if we go off the island, ( we COULD take the bridged road but the ferry is more fun.)
I LOVE it here so much. the house is still a mess after a HORRIBLE MOVE that I won't go into right now, and spoil the nature of this post, but I love it here.
Thnaks hubby and kiddos for a great day :)

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