Thursday, August 25, 2005


Our baby boy has cut his first tooth! at 6 months old, normal I suppose, but his big sister never got her first until she was 11 months old!
We can't get a picture of the actual tooth yet cause it is felt more than seen right now.
but here is a cute one of the boy in all his glory :) He loves his walker so much, he can scoot around the house faster than me!
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I don't care what the govenment says, walkers are not danergous if you keep them on the first floor of the house and watch what your kiddo gets into. It is sad that we as a human reace can be so stupid about child safety that we need rules to save ourselves from ourselves like banning walkers and talking about banning bathtub rings.. :) i got one of those too, and we love them, because we KNOW THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO BABY SIT OUR KIDS! we know not to walk away.
ok anyway this was supposed to be a post about my cute baby boy, not a rant on government passing bans and stupid people :)

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