Monday, February 02, 2009

25 things about Me

this is a note going around face book right now, that I was tagged for by my friends and did...

1. Stupid People annoy me
2. I rarely share my talents with people for fear of being called a "know it all" or arrogant.. mainly because I hate people who claim they have talent, don't in fact have any, and are arrogant about it because they don't know they don't.
3. I hate cooking, I don't have the attention for it
4. I love sweets way too much
5. I worry way too much...about everything
6. I hate shopping..maybe because i can't afford "fun shopping"
7.I love power tools, I'd rather be in at home depot or Princess Auto then a woman's clothing store
8.I hate the taste of Coffee and don't get the whole Timmie's craze or the Starbucks phenomenon, I've never bought a coffee, and I don't get why anyone would pay $4.00 for cup of something that tastes like shit and needs to be covered up with half the cup filled with sugar and cream. I do however, like the smell of coffee and wish I could like it, but I just can't.
9. I don't drink alcohol...except on very rare occasions.. like holidays, new years etc... and I have not been drunk in about 5 years. i could totally be a drunk easily, because i love crown royal and ginger, and love sparkly white wines A LOT.I could easily be an alcoholic if i wanted to be.
10. I love hot chocolate, as much as you probably love your Timmie's coffee, but I rarely drink it.
11. I communicate better in email & written form then I do in person for the most part, and worry all the time people thing I'm strange/rude because of it.
12.I have ADD and have lost the ability to concentrate on this so many times, i'm only at number 12 and I've been writing it for over an hour.
13. I am dyslexic.. that doesn't mean i see letters backwards, but it affects how i process what i read, my spelling, and ability to pronounce words right.
14. I am hearing impaired. I have audio processing disorder that makes it hard for me to talk to people in a crowd, over the phone or where background noise it. I read lips a lot. I often don't hear what people say right and make a fool of myself. Like today outside a family had a dog, and I thought they were calling it "blister" and i asked if it was a he or she.. turns out the dogs name is "mister"...woohoo
15. I taught myself to play the guitar at 13 years old, i write country music and well I could be famous... but since I stopped drinking in my 20's I have too much anxiety to sing in front of anyone anymore.
16. I'd like to change that about myself & make a CD of my music.
17. I love living in the country, it's totally me
18. I rarely wear makeup, takes too much time
19. I met my husband on the Internet, everyone said you can't find true love on the internet. we've been together for 10 years now.
20. i don't have friends, lots of acquaintances, but very few true friends. if i had to say i had a BF I'd say it would be SJSH, and she knows who she is.
21. I used to be a Karaoke hostess for a living.
22. I love my husband more than life itself, he is my best friend
23. I adore my children so much it makes my cry. I birthed them both at home in a kiddie pool, naturally with no drugs.
24. I chose to start living my life as a Buddhist over 9 years ago
25. I'm short (4 foot 11) and fat and I don't think I'm pretty... I hate everything about my physical self except my ears and my eyes.

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The Four Week Vegan said...

Great list! I have a really hard time on the phone and in loud areas too - reading lips helps alot - never dx'ed with anything though.

Wow, from karaoke hostess to pioneer woman - quite the leap :)

My dad met his second wife (my mom died after 30+ years of marriage) on the internet and they are very happy - I am blessed he found someone so great. So, I know it can and does work.

Have a great day!