Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day Trip.

I had an appointment with my Dr for my ADD in the city, so we took the opportunity to stop a few places and take some pictures.

These are a few I took.

We got some free skid wood from behind a home depot as well, which should do us for about 5 days or so as well. so it was a pretty productive day all told, except that hubby stepped on a nail while breaking up the skids. :( thankfully he just had a tatanus shot recently, and it was a clean non rusty nail...we've cleaned it up, and though it is sore, I think it will be ok.


The Four Week Vegan said...

Ouch, I hope his foot is healing nicely.

Beautiful pics. I like the black and white one.

PolarBear said...

A non-rusty nail could still have tetanus bacteria, but since it was JUST pulled out of the wood and probably had only been in the factory before that, it's pretty safe.

Well, except the hole it made.