Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One Word Wednesday

Where are you right now? Living
Are you bored? no
What day is today? hump
Are you happy? yes
Do you have a lot of friends? no
Are you close with them? yes
Who do you tell everything to? DH
Is that person your best friend? yes
Does your best friend call you their best friend? yes
Does your best friend have other best friends? no
Do you ever fight with your best friend? YES
Does your best friend know everything about you? yes
Do you know everything about your best friend? maybe?
Are your friends jealous of your best friend?dunno
Do you miss being a kid? NO
Who was the last person to call you? propane
Who was the last person to text you? Hubby
Who was the last person to comment on your latest facebook status? none
Do you have twitter? YES
Who was the last person to @ msg you on twitter? toomanyhats
Which do you like better facebook or twitter? equal
Do you have any tattoos? no
Do you have any piercings? yes
Do you have any regrets? lots
What are you wearing?black
What was the last movie you watched? uggg
Who was the last person to email you? the Universe
Is that person a close friend? ok
Who was the last person you talked to? son
What did you say? bed!
Do you wish you were somewhere else?nope
Are you a nice person? depends
Do people like you? maybe
Have you ever been out of the country? USA
Where would you like to go?everywhere
What song are you listening to? asshole
Are you getting bored of this survey? yep
What's your favorite thing to eat? food

1 comment:

Too Many Hats said...

Yay - i made your one word :)

I'm glad you like to eat food, I would have been concerned if you put dirt or nails or something.